“A solid escape room experience with great attention to detail and challenging puzzles.”
4/5 – VR/focus

“It's not easy to recreate an escape room experience in VR, but Nevrosa: Escape certainly checks all of the right boxes.”
4/5 – The VR Base

  • Several platforms: this game was oriented to most popular VR headsets: HTC VIve, Oculus Rift, Samsung and Asus Mixed reality devices.

  • Art deco-inspired environment filled with creepy puzzle machines is waiting to share it’s secrets.

  • Survival horror elements: strange creatures hide in this room... What will happen when you meet?

  • Evil artifact in your hands: why it follows you? Does it whisper something or it’s just in your head?

  • Dark soundtrack with position sound system to dive further inside Nevrosa world.

  • Different endings: you decide how this nightmare ends.

Nevrosa screenshot-13 Nevrosa screenshot-14 Nevrosa screenshot-01 Nevrosa screenshot-02 Nevrosa screenshot-03 Nevrosa screenshot-03