“A free introduction to a world the developers want to build. Give it a shot”
— UploadVR

“Probably the best aspect of this game for me, by far, was the lack of jump scares (.....) the guys over at Gexagon really know how to draw you into the horror without resorting to cheap tricks and gore”
— VR the Gamers

  • Redirect walking — we don't use teleport or any other locomotion system. You'll have to do it on your own but don't go beyond your chaperone! You can get on youtube!

  • No jumpscares.

  • Take things with your hands and only one button is used — press a trigger on your controller to interact.

  • Evil artifact in your hands: why it follows you? Does it whisper something or it’s just in your head?

  • Dark soundtrack with position sound system and breath & heartbeat effects to dive further inside Nevrosa world.

Nevrosa screenshot-13 Nevrosa screenshot-14 Nevrosa screenshot-01 Nevrosa screenshot-02 Nevrosa screenshot-03 Nevrosa screenshot-03